Commercial Lettering Services

All-IN takes pride in improving the businesses in and around Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer a variety of interior and exterior painting services to keep your business looking its very best. One area we are particularly proud of is commercial lettering.

What is Commercial Lettering?

If you need any lines or words painted on your walls, our professional painters are here for you! Maybe you own a small business and would like your motto and logo painted in your conference room. Maybe you run a school and want to add some school spirit with lines and words in your school colors in the gymnasium. That’s exactly what happened at Greenwood High School. We painted lines in the sport building, and we also added lettering to the entryway by the gymnasium. As you can see, the lines are crisp and clean and the lettering is perfect! All of our commercial painters are highly skilled and trained so you get the very best finished project.

We also specialize in hi-lift painting, which is particularly useful when it comes to commercial lines and lettering at schools. We have special equipment and training to reach the very top of any auditorium, gymnasium, or observatory.

Why Go All-IN?

When you choose All-IN’s commercial painters, we guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with your paint job. We ensure quality by committing to a variety of practices:

  • Painting with close attention to detail

  • Working around your schedule to minimize interruptions to your business

  • Maintaining a safe and clean work environment

  • Using the best possible products for each task

  • Communicating thoroughly, proactively, and intentionally

  • Not calling it quits until you say the job is done!

If you’re ready to start your commercial lettering project, we’re ready to work for you! Request a quote online or give us a call to get things started. We can’t wait for you to go All-IN!