Commercial/industrial painting companies fill our communities with color and character. While we may not often give it any thought, the bright shine of epoxy flooring under our feet as we shop or the warm paint tones of our favorite coffee joint influence our daily experiences.

What Commercial Painting Can Do for Your Business

Commercial painting services have something to offer every business in our community. Whether your company is looking for transformational building painting or just some simple brightening up, industrial painting services can benefit your business. Here are a few things that commercial painting might be able to do for your company:

Happy Employees

A workplace that is bright and attractive can be a morale booster for employees. Productivity is also encouraged by an environment that the workers can take pride in.

Safety and Health

Industrial painting services can improve the safety and health of your work environment through services such as antimicrobial epoxy flooring and anti-slip flooring. In factories and warehouses, paint-based indicators and line painting can serve as clear markings to help keep workflow safe and orderly.

Attracting Customers

Commercial painting services can help you achieve a distinctive and attractive look that catches the eye of potential customers. Fresh and appealing logos and branding can help draw in a wider base of clients, and a well-painted interior and exterior will give them confidence in your business.

Why Choose All-IN for Commercial Painting Services

If your Avon, IN area business is interested in commercial painting, we would love to work with you. All-IN Painting offers premium professional services. With All-IN Painting you can be assured of receiving timely, courteous, and clear communication. We emphasize attention to detail and a tidy work environment.

Safety Matters

As an industrial painting company, we know the importance of safety. We are attentive to the safety of both your staff and clients as well as our workers, following careful protocol to protect all persons present.

Flexible Scheduling

Our goal is to serve our clients at the times that work best for them. All-IN Painting can schedule your work on weekends, nights, holidays, during plant shutdowns, or at whatever times will best suit your company’s needs.

Experience and Expertise

Our employees at All-IN Painting receive ongoing training and education so that they can serve you with a thorough knowledge of the best products available, and the expertise to complete each job with industry best standards. We strive for excellence you can trust.

Our Industrial and Commercial Painting Services

We offer a wide range of commercial and industrial painting services, including:

If your company is in need of any of these services or looking for a commercial painting contractor in Avon, feel free to contact us! It’s easy to get started. You can reach us by phone, email, or our online contact form. We are eager to serve you, and to brighten your workplace and your day!

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