Dryfall or dry drop painting is ideal for painting ceilings in large commercial or industrial spaces because of its rapid drying technology. Dryfall painting is an efficient painting technique for large areas because it reduces cleanup time and actual application time, as dryfall is applied with a paint sprayer. As its name suggests, when paint particles drip from the ceiling, they dry before they hit the ground. This allows for quick and easy clean up, as the particles can be swept away. There are different types of dryfall paint including acrylic, alkyd, and epoxy, which means that dryfall can be used on many different surfaces! Dryfall isn’t just useful for ceiling painting, it can also be applied to the interior walls of condominiums, stores, warehouses, and other commercial and industrial buildings.

Benefits of dryfall painting include:

Quick to apply – Dryfall is a product which can be applied quickly and that dries fast, which means it’s often possible to paint the ceiling of an industrial building in just one night.

Affordable cost – The cost of dryfall paint is much less than replacing a whole ceiling. Moreover, this product increases the durability of your surface.

Quality finish – Dryfall finish is very nice: smooth, shiny, and light reflective. The smooth finish does not attract dust.

Good adhesion and excellent hiding power – The adhesion of this paint is excellent, giving over 10 years’ durability to the surface. This product is also very opaque so often one coat is enough to cover the original color. This reduces the application time and labor costs.

No mess!

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