Electrostatic painting is a relatively advanced painting practice used in commercial painting, and All-IN Painting is proud to include this service with our other commercial painting services. This high-tech application strategy is ideal for commercial properties that may have metal objects or surfaces or hard-to-reach spaces. Electrostatic painting is also ideal for railings, fences, office furniture, windows, and doors and provides a durable and attractive finish.

How Does Electrostatic Painting Work?

Specialized equipment atomizes and electrically charges particles of paint, causing them to repel each other and spread out evenly as they exit the spray nozzle. The surface that is being painted is grounded and given an opposite electrical charge so that the paint particles are attracted to it.

Results of Electrostatic Painting Include:

An even coat of paint that looks clean and professional
Clean workspace and reduced mess due to reduced overspray and limited paint use
A quick process, limiting potential interruption time for your business

If electrostatic painting is a service you think your commercial space could use, give All-IN a call today. We’d be happy to give you more information and even provide you with a free quote!