Your home is your castle, your nest, and in many cases, your biggest investment. That being the case, it is important that you take care of it appropriately. This involves many types of maintenance, not the least of which is quality painting. When you hire a residential house painting company, you want to make sure you choose a contractor who values professionalism and attention to detail.

For residents of Plainfield, Indiana, All-IN Painting offers affordable painting services to help you keep your home looking fantastic and retaining its value. Our focus is on quality in every aspect of our work, from our estimates and scheduling to our painting and cleanup.

Interior House Painting Services

The interior paint in your home is a way you express your personality and craft a place of beauty and comfort. Whether you want a look that is cozy or formal, impressive or trendy, we can help you create just the right effect.

Our process for room painting begins with an initial consultation and estimate. We are happy to discuss your dreams and ideas, and help you turn them into a specific plan, including color choices and styles.

Once our professional painters arrive at your home, they thoroughly protect all your furniture and non-painted areas, and begin surface preparation. This involves repairing any flaws in the walls and priming where necessary. Then we apply the new colors using premium interior paints. Finally, we do a complete cleanup, so that the only evidence of our presence is the renewed beauty of your walls!

All-IN’s interior house painting services include:

residential painting services in Plainfield Indiana.PNG

Exterior Painting Services

Here in Plainfield, the exterior surfaces of your home are more than just for show; they are a barrier against the elements that would invade and destroy the integrity of the house. Rain, snow, ice, humidity, insects, and even sunlight slowly wear away at your siding, trim, window frames, and doors. While external paint might seem thin or weak, it actually provides a very effective protection against these deteriorating factors.

At All-IN Painting, we know that attention to detail makes all the difference in keeping your house looking beautiful and protected. Proper surface preparation, thorough priming, expert caulking, premium external paints, quality painting – these are the aspects that make the difference.

We provide homeowners with a full range of affordable painting services for their home exterior:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Painting of Trim, Fascia & Exterior Doors
  • Painting All Types of Siding
  • Garage Door Painting
  • Deck Refinishing & Deck Painting

The Paint Company Makes All the Difference

When you hire a residential house painting company, the contractor you choose is vital. A poor choice could lead to inconvenient delays, impolite painters, and sloppy work. Our goal at All-IN Painting is to make you so happy with every step of the process that you tell all your friends and family!

We stick to our estimate and abide by our schedule, so you can count on us. Our painters are courteous and professional. And most of all, your complete satisfaction is our number one priority!

For residential painting services in Plainfield and the surrounding communities, trust your home to All-IN Painting!