What does your skin do, besides provide an attractive covering for those weird-looking tissues that make up our insides? Science is discovering more and more ways that it keeps us healthy by blocking what is harmful to our bodies, and keeping in what is vital. Did you know that exterior house paint is quite similar in that regard? External house paint protects your home in many ways, making it a dangerous thing to delay.

How Does Painting the Exterior of Your Home Help Protect It?

When you think to yourself, “I’d like to paint my house exterior,” you are probably thinking most about its visual appeal. Are the colors modern and attractive? Does the house look fresh and sharp? However, the paint actually serves other more essential functions on your home, such as keeping the sun off your woodwork.

If the sun has direct access to exposed wood, it will cause drying and cracking, leading to rot and heat loss. Our exterior paint service is designed to protect against this kind of damage. Deck painting services also offer the same kind of protection for your railings and walking surfaces.

Even more important than ultraviolet light protection is water protection. Painting the exterior of your home provides an essential barrier against rain, snow, humidity, ice, and even incidental moisture like sprinklers.

Finally, your exterior house paint also serves as a deterrent for wood-boring insects such as termites and carpenter bees. While paint alone cannot guarantee total protection, it is an important part of an overall protection plan.

What Happens if You Delay Your Exterior Painting?

It can be tempting to put off your external house painting as long as possible, the thought being that you can do fewer paint jobs this way and save money. The problem is that delaying your painting project can actually cost you more. How is that?

Exterior house paint has a limited lifespan, and once it has reached that limit, it begins to fail. This can show up in chalky residue, hairline cracks, bubbled-up paint, and even peeling patches. Once the paint has begun to fail, it is a much bigger project to take care of.

All failed paint must be removed before new paint can be applied, which will involve scraping, brushing, and/or power washing. Additionally, if any wood rot developed because of the failed paint, the wood will need to be replaced. Again, before the new paint can go on, any bare patches will need to be primed.

On the other hand, if your home receives exterior painting services before the paint has begun to fail, all of those steps can be avoided, making the repainting process much simpler, and thus cheaper.

Exterior Painting Services for the Indianapolis Region

If you are wondering, “Should I paint my house exterior?”, it would be good to talk with a reputable painting contractor who can advise you about the health of your paint. All-IN Painting would be delighted to provide you with an evaluation of your paint and a free estimate so you can make an informed decision.

In addition to exterior painting, All-IN Painting provides deck painting services, kitchen cabinet painting, ceiling painting, and more. Based in Greenwood, Indiana, we serve the greater Indianapolis area, including Plainfield, Avon, Castleton, and the surrounding communities. Contact us today!

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