Trendy or Traditional, and the Home Office Paint Colors to Match

If you do any amount of your work at home, you understand the importance of having a home office space that works for you. The right space can get your productive juices flowing and spark creativity, while the wrong space can leave you flustered and overwhelmed. Here at All-IN Painting, we have some tips and ideas to keep your office space looking and feeling great. Whether you like to keep things fairly traditional or you always want to stay one step ahead of the trends, we have the paint colors for you! You may already know that colors have the ability to improve your energy, focus your mind, and ignite your ideas. But with all of the options available, you definitely don’t have time to try them all to see which one will work best for you. That’s why the professional home painters at All-IN Painting have compiled a list of some of the top home office paint options on the market today.

Traditional House Paint

Simply White by Benjamin Moore You may think all white house paints are the same, but you’d be wrong. Each shade brings a different feel, and Benjamin Moore’s Simply White creates a clean slate for your home office. This striking white would be an excellent backdrop for colorful office supplies, calendars, or cork boards. If you love color in your accessories but don’t want to commit too much of it on your walls, Simply White is the way to go. Charmed Violet by Benjamin Moore Blue is a color that can peacefully motivate you. The purple shades in this color will inspire you with creative new ideas while the blues will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. This color is so “charming,” you may want to use it in other rooms of your home as well! While the shade is lovely, it isn’t too strong or harsh, so it definitely suits the preferences of a traditionalist. Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore Gray is really having a moment lately. That’s why this particular paint color works well for those who love to stay on-trend while having strong traditional roots. Gray is a neutral that doesn’t necessarily fade into the background. You can accent gray walls with different shades of gray or black for a cozy, comforting look, or with pops of color to show off your playful side. You can really decide the environment of your office with Classic Gray walls.

Trendy Home Painting

Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball Here is a rich blue that will take your home painting to the next level. It still creates a calming atmosphere, much like many blues, but this shade works particularly well with copper or other metallic colors. This combination will truly make your home office your favorite place to be. Oval Room Blue by Farrow & Ball Is there a lot of wood in your office? Perhaps in your desk, bookshelves, or crown moldings? If so, this blue is a beautiful complement. It has the ability to create a “classic office” look with just enough gray undertones to keep it right on the edge of what’s popular. This is one paint color you’ll fall a little bit more in love with every time you see it.

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