Project Post – Downtown Indianapolis Condo Interior

We are extremely proud of this condo interior we finished in downtown Indianapolis. We think you’ll see the ALL-IN difference! All-IN is a group of professional painters in and around the Indianapolis area. Our hardworking painters were excited to get inside this trendy condo right in the heart of the city. We were able to restore some of the original to this home while updating it. The owners are thrilled! We think you will be too.

Before – Paint Colors

The plain white walls weren’t contributing any sort of personality to this home. As you can see in the before photo, the walls appear flat and the whole room looks somewhat drab. The owners were looking to bring this space to life. We purchased all of our Benjamin Moore paint colors from a local store.

After – Transform with Interior House Paint

Look at this transformation! The interior house paint gives the space a completely different feel. The walls are a light gray and all of the trim is bright white. This adds dimension to the room that was lost before. The real beauty here, however, can be found in the gorgeous sections of exposed brick. Our professional interior painters worked carefully and precisely to bring some vintage beauty into this home. All of our employees are excellent communicators and hard workers. We’ll put our talents and knowledge to work when we take on your interior and exterior painting services.

Choose the Best Paint Company

If you don’t need painting services quite like this one, we want to make sure you know there are still several ways we can help you. We will work on your home or commercial space. At home, we can take on your kitchen cabinets or ceilings. For your commercial space, we’ll paint your office and conference rooms, complete any necessary pressure washing, and do any commercial line painting or lettering. Now that you’ve seen what we can do, don’t you think it’s time for you to go ALL-IN? Our painters are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can contact our professional painters by calling us at 315-517-7208 or filling out our online form.
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