5 Home Paint Colors That Will Pop in Indianapolis

Did you ever get the urge to do something crazy? Maybe a dramatic new hairstyle, or a conspicuous tattoo? All of us get tired of routine sometimes, but thankfully, we are able to resist some of those urges we would likely regret later. But if you are longing for something exciting and dramatic that you won’t regret, why not try it with interior house paint? A bold, energetic color might be exactly what you need to break out from your typical routine! If you are ready for a burst of color in your life, here are five home paint colors that will really POP in your Indianapolis-area home.

Green is All the Rage!

We’re not talking about organic salads or electric cars here; we’re talking about a shade of green that will bring a natural vibrancy to your living space! Energetic, but not overwhelming, this green stands out from the neutral home paint colors that are popular today. While you probably don’t want to use it for a whole room, it makes a fantastic accent wall. Benjamin Moore’s “Feel the Energy” color is a great example; the name says it all! It pairs well with neutral interior walls and trim, such as white, beige, and gray. It also sets a great backdrop for other pops of color, such as orange.

Are You Seeing Red?

This year Benjamin Moore has chosen “Caliente” as their color of the year. Spanish for “hot,” this color lives up to its name! However, it is very tasteful and not overblown. Neither a brick red nor a fire engine red, this rich tone sets a new trend in house painting. When paired with a clean, bright white, “Caliente” is a classy, bold color that refuses to be ignored. Use it as an accent wall, for an interior door, or if you have enough white to balance it out, it could even be your main wall color in a room.

Black to the Future

Trends are shifting, and homeowners are discovering that when it comes to house painting, black is a color too! It can be used as a trim color, adorning window frames, baseboards, and crown. Alternatively, it can also be a wall color, especially in a room with large windows or bookcases, or any feature that adds contrasting color. Black pairs excellently with white, of course, but it also looks very sharp with grays.

It’s Not Blue… it’s Oceanside

Sherwin Williams has announced their new color of the year, and it’s making waves! Oceanside is a fantastic shade of blue with a rich beauty and tranquil energy. You could use it in a bedroom, a guest bath, a living room – just about anywhere! For a moody oasis, pair it with greens or browns. Or for a lighter feel, bring in some white contrasts and yellow accents.

Orange You Glad It’s Not a Neutral?

Orange paint is definitely a way to make a statement, but we don’t mean “Halloween-plastic-candy-pail” orange. This article from Housebeautiful.com shows an amazing array of orange variants that will make your home stand out from all your Indianapolis neighbors, but in just the way you want it to! Consider “Corlsbud Canyon” from Benjamin Moore. This earthy orange has a steady, subdued warmth that could set just the right tone in a living room, a dining room, or a den.

Interior House Painting Company in Indianapolis

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