Four walls make a room, right? Wrong! The ceiling makes five! It’s become commonplace to forget about the ceiling when it comes to home renovations or interior painting projects – partly because it’s widely assumed that the ceiling will just be painted white like normal. While this should be the case in most scenarios, it doesn’t always have to be! The ceiling makes up a huge part of a room’s surface area, and deserves more consideration than it usually gets, since it has the power to make or break a room. While white is safe, some rooms might call for a bold ceiling that matches the uniqueness of the house. At All-IN, we love sharing our painting knowledge with you, which is why we’ll be discussing ceiling color today – specifically white versus anything else.

Classic White

So we’ll start with the most typical ceiling color: plain old white. White ceilings have always been around and probably always will be. If you paint your ceilings white, you’re definitely not making a mistake. We promise, no one will wonder what you were thinking when they walk into your room. Because white ceilings will never go out of style, you won’t have to worry about repainting your ceiling after a few years. White ceilings make rooms feel bigger by making the ceiling seem taller. They also brighten a room and make it appear clean and tidy, especially if the room is well lit. White ceilings are flexible, and they allow you to easily furnish the rest of your room without worrying about clashing colors. Most importantly, white ceilings allow you a ton of freedom in picking paint color for the remaining four walls of your room. So overall: a lot of pros for white ceilings.


Now we’re taking baby steps towards the more daring ceiling color options. There are plenty of people who choose a cream or beige ceiling color for their room. Sometimes white can be too bright, so in addition to being easier on the eyes, a creamier color would help in a room where you want a cozy or intimate feel. White can also sometimes feel sterile, so an off-white ceiling would lean towards more character for the room. Bonus tip: off-white ceilings usually pair nicely with colored walls when they are separated by white trim.

Dark Ceiling

Let’s just get it out there: dark ceiling colors are bold and daring. However, when they’re done right, they can make a room unforgettable and give it the exact energy the room needs, depending on the color. Usually dark or bold colors only work in rooms with tall ceilings – over 9 feet, for example. Paired with shorted ceilings, there is a possibility of making it seem like the room is closing in on you. Be careful going this route! If you’d like assistance, our professional painters would be glad to help with a color consultation to ensure that you’re making a wise choice for your room and house.

Match the Walls

This is one of the more unique ceiling color strategies that is coming into style. Painting your ceiling the same color as your room’s walls is still daring, but it can really make a statement. Matching ceilings give rooms a rich and full atmosphere. Additionally, they are soothing to the eye, as an endless plane of color doesn’t jolt the eye with a color change from wall to ceiling. Again, be careful with this one and let us know if you’d like any advice!

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