This time of year, you might be thinking, “I want to paint my house before guests come for Christmas, but…” Maybe your hesitation is the cost of interior room painting. Maybe it’s the time involved in painting a whole room. Maybe you like the look of the rooms, but you just want something a little different. We’ve got an idea for you: make your home pop with some new trim paint!

4 Reasons to Just Paint the Trim

1. Save on the cost of indoor house paint

When you paint a whole room, a gallon of indoor house paint usually covers about 400 square feet, which is about half of an average room. However, when you buy trim paint, even just a quart goes a long way!

2. Save time

Interior room painting can take quite a bit of time for surface preparation and paint application, especially if you do two coats. When you apply a new coat of trim paint, it can go quite quickly. Generally, one coat is enough.

3. Add freshness

Our trim often looks old before the rest of a room. It tends to get the most fingerprints, scuff marks, dirt, and wear. Repainting the trim makes the room pop with renewed brightness and energy.

4. Keep your overall look and décor

If you’re happy with the general look of your rooms, and if the paint is in good shape, why mess with a good thing? You can add freshness to the room by just painting the trim, and then you know all your furniture and decorations will still match.

What Paint Color Should I Choose for Trim?

The most common color choice for trim paint is white, and there is good reason for that. White will not clash with any wall colors or decorations, and it stands out nicely as a contrast from just about any wall color. It is not dark, so it contributes to an airy, fresh feeling in a room, and it is simple, allowing you to create an elegant feel.

Instead of asking about the color, the sheen is the real question. Trim should usually be painted with a semi-gloss, acrylic-latex, indoor house paint. This has several benefits. First, it looks great, drawing the eye to your trim details with a pleasant, reflective sheen. Second, it is very durable, holding up well against scrapes and scuffs. That’s what your baseboards and chair rail really need!

Of course, there are other paint color options besides white for your trim. If your walls are white, you could go with gray or black for a bold frame appearance. Browns and dark blues can look exquisite on a white or tan wall. A quick online search for “non-white interior trim” can give you many more color ideas that might fit your home perfectly!

Should I Paint the Trim Myself?

As we mentioned above, painting your trim is easier than doing a whole room. Use painter’s tape to mask off the edges of the trim, and lay down some plastic or old sheets to protect the floor. Use a high quality, angled brush and start applying the new paint!

However, sometimes that “I want to paint my house” feeling begins to evaporate long before the project is actually done. Though trim paint is relatively simple, it does take careful preparation and patient application. You may find that hiring a house painting company gives you the look you want for Christmas, without the hassle.

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 Is your trim trying to tell you what it wants for Christmas?
Is your trim trying to tell you what it wants for Christmas?
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