Charles Van Meter

“After having an older home rewired, we had multiple defects in the plaster walls requiring repair. Our electrical contractor recommended All IN Painting. They promptly gave us an estimate, and started their work promptly. The two workers Mike and Salvador were skillful professional and efficient. They worked around our dogs, and all the other ongoing work, did meticulous clean up and communicated well. I am very picky regarding painting and plaster repair, and this team exceeded expectations, and got the work done for less than the expected amount. I highly recommend this business.

7/31/19 Addendum: Had this crew come back to finish the painting on the above mentioned project. In addition to painting, Mike replaced shoe molding that had not been put back down by the previous owners after their painting. This crew did a great job, was efficient, and given the freedom to do additional work on woodwork as necessary that might have added cost, they were efficient enough that all was done very well with no additional cost needed. They truly did the work so all was proper, and as a home should look. Continued good work. I highly recommend them.”
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