Different Types Of Paint For Interior And Exterior Painting

Different Types of Paint for Interior and Exterior Painting

Knowing the different types of paint for interior and exterior painting will help you to determine which is the best for your project. Having an expert opinion from an interior house painter on the matter can save you time and money in your commercial painting projects.

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This article will explain the different types of paint for interior and exterior projects, and the key difference between the two.

How are Interior and Exterior House Paint Different?

Interior and exterior house paint are different because of how they are formulated to withstand their environment. Added resins may be more rigid or flexible depending on if it is for interior or exterior paint.

Exterior house paint is exposed to elements like weather and sunlight. It needs to be fade and fungal resistant to maintain its quality outdoors, so the more durable oil-based paint is best.

Exterior house paint has flexible resins and additives to combat mildew and changes in the environment. The added resins can cause outgassing, a process where toxic paint fumes rise from the coating. For this reason, oil-based exterior house paint is typically not recommended for indoor use.

Interior house paint is exposed to people traffic and needs to be easy to clean and stain resistant. For this reason, water-based paint is often used for interior projects. This type of paint would not be suitable for exterior painting as it is not formulated to be fade-resistant.

Paint Types

There are two types of paint: oil-based and water-based. Both require a primer coat to prepare the surface for application.

Oil-based paint is durable and has a smoother finish that does not show brush marks from the application. Examples of oil-based paints for exterior house paint include enamel and alkyd.

The second type is a water-based paint. It is the most common type used for indoor projects, and it dries much faster than oil-based paints. Examples of water-based paints for exterior house paint include latex and acrylic.

Paint Finishes

Once you’ve chosen the paint type for your project, it’s time to decide what finish it will have. Each finish has a different level of sheen, which is the level of light reflectiveness in each coat.

In order of sheen from least reflective to most, here are the five paint finish options.

Flat or Matte

A flat or matte finish is non-reflective and provides a smooth finish that requires fewer coats for coverage. It is best for low-traffic areas and hides blemishes easily because it doesn’t reflect light directly.


An eggshell finish has a higher level of sheen than matte and is best for mid-level traffic areas. It is popular because it is easier to clean than matte paint and is more stain-resistant.


The satin finish is slightly more reflective than eggshell and is described as having a peal-like sheen. Satin is durable which makes it great for bedrooms and mid-traffic areas.


Semi-Gloss finishes are a classy addition for accent walls or molding. They are easy to clean but will show brush strokes from the application, so these are best left to the professionals.


Gloss has the highest level of sheen on this list. They are best for high-traffic areas in the home as they are also the most stain-resistant.

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