Why it's the right time to paint your house Interior

Winter is the best time to upgrade your interior home paint, but the reasons may surprise you. Should you consider shifting from your spring or fall schedule? Most local contractors recommend these seasons for a flawless paint job.

Below, All IN Painting exposes what makes winter a great time of year to upgrade your home’s interior with a fresh coat of coat.

Why Is Winter the Best Time for Interior Painting?

It makes perfect sense to paint the interior of your home during the winter months. The temperatures are colder and humidity levels lower, so it is easy for professionals like All IN Painting to achieve a flawless finish. But this isn’t the only reason to paint in winter.

Schedule your next interior painting project for the cold season and take advantage of the following benefits:

Maximize The Home’s Value for Spring

If you are planning on selling your house during the spring buying frenzy, painting your home’s interior the winter before will give you an advantage. The interior home paint job will look fresh and modern when you put your home on the market. A new look can help the property sell faster, and it might even fetch more profit as eager buyers click through the listings in spring.

Make Your Space Feel Cozier

Indianapolis winter months aren’t exactly warm and cozy—but they can feel that way with a new home interior. Painting makes the space feel more welcoming, especially by bringing in warm reds, oranges, yellows, or greens. If you want this wintertime to feel like fireplaces and good vibes, why not try these colors on a couple of the walls or window frames?

Boost Your Mood

Did you know that the paint color in a room can influence how you feel in it? 

  • Darker shades, such as classic browns and grays, can take things down a notch and bring elegance to a space. 
  • Whites and lighter tones can lift the spirits and give the place a modern twist.

Why not ask our All IN Painting team about upgrading your interior home paint so that you can feel better about spending more time there this winter?

Minimize the Effect of Humidity

Summer temperatures and humidity levels make walls more challenging to paint because they tend to wrinkle when wet. In winter, the walls are dryer, and the paint adheres better for smoother, longer-lasting results.

Beat the Heat

Another reason to paint your home’s interior in winter is the lower temperatures that keep the house cool. The perfect balance means you won’t have to worry about getting paint dripping onto the furniture or having it dry too quickly. Cooler temperatures also make it more comfortable to move around inside, ensuring a thorough job painting every room.

Enjoy Fewer Contaminants in the Air

Winter air contains fewer allergens and other contaminants that could ruin a new paint job in weeks. There are fewer indoor mold spores and pollen allergens at this time of the year, as the cold weather keeps them at bay. Winter’s lower humidity also keeps dust mites to a minimum in the home, so that paint can go on smoothly and stay clean until it dries.

Pay Less for Interior Painting

When does the market offer the best prices on paint? Winter. When it’s colder outside, many homeware stores have fewer customers and smaller orders. 

The slower home improvement scene makes it easier to find a good deal on the specific type of paint you want to use. Paint supplies also carry massive discounts at this time of year.

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