Interior Painting : 5 Interior House Painting Tips

Do you plan on doing some interior painting? Whether you want a vibrant accent wall or you are trying to brighten a room with a new coat of paint, there are some things that you can do to make the process smoother.

As a veteran painting contractor, ALL IN Painting has seen countless property owners make the same mistakes when painting their homes. Below, we share our professional tips to help you avoid these missteps and guarantee a beautiful finish.

#1 Pick the Right Materials

The type of paint and applicator you use will make a big difference in your project’s final outcome. For example, inferior applicators lead to a streaky or patchy finish. If you don’t know what products you need, ask a professional like ALL IN Painting for some assistance.

Do you want a textured matte finish or a smooth high-gloss sheen? Are you painting over new drywall or older surfaces? Don’t skimp on the quality of your paint just to save a few bucks; it will cost more in the long run when you have to repaint. 

Pro Tip: Buy multiple cans of the same paint, open them all, and mix them in one container. This process is a great way to ensure consistent paint color throughout the space!

#2 Prepare the Room

After selecting your products, it’s time to prepare the space for the paintwork. We recommend four primary tasks:

  • Move your furniture. Don’t try to paint around your furniture; it gets messy. If you can’t move everything out, push the stuff into the center of the room and protect it with a drop cloth.
  • Cover your floor with a drop cloth. Instead of slippery plastic sheeting that never stays in place, you should use a heavy-duty fabric drop cloth to protect your floors.
  • Remove surface imperfections. Have you already applied painter’s putty to any holes and used caulk to fill in cracks around the trim? If so, sand the glossy interior coatings to improve the new paint’s adherence.
  • Wipe the area with a tack cloth. Dust, dirt, and oil can prevent the paint from properly adhering to the surface. After finishing all the preparation tasks, use a tack cloth to remove any lingering debris before you start any interior painting.

#3 Know Which Surfaces to Paint First

While there is no “correct” order in which to paint a room, we recommend starting with the trim. It’s easier and faster to tape off this area than your walls and does not have to be precise. Focus on achieving a smooth finish rather than preventing trim paint from splashing on your walls (you will cover it later).

After letting your trim dry, apply painter’s tape on all edges and paint your ceiling. End with the walls.

#4 Achieve a Smooth Finish

If you want to avoid lap marks and splotchy paint, we recommend following these tips:

  • Always keep a wet edge. Never let the latex paint dry on the brush or roller before applying it to the wall if you want to avoid an uneven finish.
  • Go over the same spot when necessary. If you notice thick spots or runs, don’t wait for the paint to dry. Go back and paint over the area to even it out.
  • Stick to one technique. Do you prefer to run your roller from top to bottom or make “W” patterns? Use the same method throughout the space for consistent results.
  • Sand your trim between coats. Once the first coat of paint dries on your trim, lightly sand the surface before applying a second coat for a smooth final finish.

#5 Wrap the Brush or Roller

Not all paint projects come to a close after one day. If you need a break, properly store your applicator so that you don’t have to clean it before your next painting session. 

Pro tip: Wrap the brush or roller in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge.

Call a Reliable Interior Coatings Expert For Best Results

Not everyone has the time or patience to tackle a painting project themselves. If you’re looking for a professional paint job, we would be happy to help! At ALL IN Painting, we pride ourselves on the following:

  • Premium workmanship
  • Great customer service
  • Competitive rates

Our experts use only high-quality products from trusted brands like Sherwin-Williams and Milesi.

Contact ALL IN Painting at (317) 517-7208 today for your next interior painting project or exterior painting and cabinetry painting solutions in Greenwood, South Bend, Indianapolis, IN, and nearby areas.

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