Exterior House Paint

The Dangers of Delaying an Exterior Paint Job

What does your skin do, besides provide an attractive covering for those weird-looking tissues that make up our insides? Science is discovering more and more ways that it keeps us healthy by blocking what is harmful to our bodies, and keeping in what is vital. Did you know that exterior house paint is quite similar in that regard? External house paint protects your home in many ways, making it a dangerous thing to delay.

Project Post – Coatesville, Indiana Historic Home Exterior

Look what happens when you go All-IN! We are thrilled to share this project on a historic home in Coatesville, Indiana. While this was our first historic home, it certainly won’t be our last! We had so much fun bringing some new life and classic beauty to this exterior home painting project. Our professional painters are always working to perfect their skills and follow the proper steps to create a visual improvement on your house.

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