Luke is the Owner and CEO of ALL IN Painting. Since 2016, he has worn many hats in the company. He is involved in networking, business development, sales training and all things operations and marketing.

He has been painting for over 24 years and, as a fifth-generation painter, he learned the trade along-side his dad’s commercial painting company in Northwest Indiana. Luke is dedicated to changing the stereotypes in the painting industry. He wants to build careers for those who want to be in the trades directly out of high school. He takes pride in building leaders and wants to build a company that values the career path of the employee. “Growth and Learning are exciting for the culture of a company, and I don’t ever want to be content or stagnant.” -Luke

Luke graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Indiana State University, double majoring in Professional Pilot and Aerospace Administration. For 11 years, Luke worked at an Aviation Consulting firm as a pilot, grant administrator, and project manager. Luke’s hobbies include Flying Airplanes, Karate, Crossfit, Movies, Camping, and Traveling with his wife and kids.

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