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Trendy or Traditional, and the Home Office Paint Colors to Match

If you do any amount of your work at home, you understand the importance of having a home office space that works for you. The right space can get your productive juices flowing and spark creativity, while the wrong space can leave you flustered and overwhelmed. Here at All-IN Painting, we have some tips and ideas to keep your office space looking and feeling great. Whether you like to keep things fairly traditional or you always want to stay one step ahead of the trends, we have the paint colors for you!

3 Beautiful Paint Combinations for Your Kitchen

Oftentimes, the hub and heart of a home is found in the kitchen. All of the family members are in and out of the kitchen all day, so it makes sense that this would be a room that you want to look and feel the very best. But before you commit to some interior house paint, you’ll need to ask yourself: how should my kitchen feel? Believe it or not, paint color can influence how a room makes you feel. Be sure to choose colors that work for you!

Project Post – Coatesville, Indiana Historic Home Exterior

Look what happens when you go All-IN! We are thrilled to share this project on a historic home in Coatesville, Indiana. While this was our first historic home, it certainly won’t be our last! We had so much fun bringing some new life and classic beauty to this exterior home painting project. Our professional painters are always working to perfect their skills and follow the proper steps to create a visual improvement on your house.

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